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Disney Channel Animated Gifs

Animations of your favorite stars

Disney Channel Animations
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animations of your favorite Disney stars

Welcome to dcgifs! This is the place to post your animated gifs featuring anything Disney! Before posting, please realize that posts are not moderated, so please follow all rules when posting, we do not want to delete your post. If you need to contact a moderator, please send a private message to either Samantha (putoutthemoon) or Tori (civil_to_all) and we'll get back to you asap!

What is a gif? A gif is a single graphic file that contains a series of images which are displayed sequentially to give the illusion of movement or change over time. Basically, a gif is a mini-movie without sound. When posting in this community, please only post gifs extracted from videos. Do not make slideshows using screencaps. The quality is not good, and it doesn't give the same effect as an actual animated gif.


1. Post animated gifs of Disney Channel stars/shows/movies only. Please do not post animations of unrelated people or topics. Multi-fandom posts are perfectly fine, just be sure to include at least 3 animations of Disney stars/shows/movies in each post. Our only exception is Taylor Swift for obvious reasons; most of her friends are Disney stars.

2. Animated gifs ARE NOT ICONS! If your post only has animated icons, it will be deleted. This community is for sharing the animations themselves. Multi-graphic posts that include icons are fine, but make sure that there are some animated gifs within the post.

3. Be polite. We will ban anyone who is disrespectful, starts drama, or is rude to any other member of the community. Save your snarky comments for discussion communities, please. We're going to be very strict about this.

4. Crediting & Hotlinking. Each maker has his or her own rules, this includes how and who to credit. You MUST follow them. If we find out that someone is not following the rules, there will be consequences. Please do not hotlink! The maker can not upload anymore gifs if their bandwidth has run out, and thats not fun for anyone.

5. Include one small teaser animation for each post! Please make sure that the animation above the cut/link is no bigger than 300x300 pixels. Also, please only make a post if you have at least 3 animations to share. We don't want to have a million posts a day with only a few gifs.

6. Tag your entries. We have an easy to use tagging system in place. Please use it properly. If there is not a tag yet created for the subject of your post, please leave a note to the mods at the end of your entry so we can add one.

7. If possible, include the video/a link to the videos used. If there is a video(s) you used to make your animations is on YouTube or a different video host, please include the link somewhere in your post.

8. Follow proper requesting procedures. If you would like to request an animation to be made, please go to the latest animation request post. If you are requesting help in finding an existing animation, please go to the latest can you help me find this animation? post.

9. Cross-posting and linking to another journal is welcome and encouraged. We don't mind seeing the same entry a few times, so if you post in a different community please post here as well! You may also post a preview gif and a link to a different journal/community as long as you follow all of the other rules.

Want to learn how to make animated gifs? CLICK HERE to find the tutorial used by some of the gif makers in this community, including the mods. There are alternative ways to make them, so if you can't figure that tutorial out, please search for a different one on your own.


If you would like to affiliate, please comment here.

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